Einstein spent his academic years perfecting his theory of relativity. Most girls spend their academic years perfecting how to look good without trying.

In trying to look effortless, one often ends up putting in the most work. Why? I don’t really have the answers. Call it what you want: entropy, minor Obsessive Compulsive Disorder…but in trying to control how something looks or appears, frustration gets the best of us and self-consciousness reaches an all-time high.

Despite the amount of time Fashionista Taylor Avery spent getting dressed in the morning, there’s no denying that her outfit, mainly composed of layered basics, looks natural and cool. Next time you snooze your alarm and have ten minutes to get dressed and get to class (which happens much too much), use Taylor’s outfit as a blueprint. It may not be the Theory of Relativity, but it certainly would answer some of the (fashion) universe’s mysteries.

Name: Taylor Avery

Major: Broadcast Journalism

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Taylor Avery: I would say maybe Afro-centric boho.

CF: What’s your favorite piece in your closet?

TA: Honestly, this denim shirt. I wear it all the time just because it’s so versatile. I style it with shorts, like I did today, or I could do a long maxi skirt with it, or there’s this one romper-type outfit that I do. But mostly with maxi-type things.

CF: Do you incorporate your Atlanta style upbringing here in Boston?

TA: Oh no. My style doesn’t even make sense in Atlanta because it’s a really urban environment, so people wear hoop earrings and tight jeans and sneakers, and I guess I just look like a weirdo.

CF: What’s your thought process when you get up in the morning and get dressed?

TA: Comfort. Honestly, I will just think What will I feel most comfortable in? I hate sweats and T-shirts, so that’s never the case, but at the same time I don’t dress up at all. So, comfortable but cute.

How To: To get this Fashionista’s look, pair a chambray shirt over a black and white tank and shorts ensemble. For a pop of color, tie a scarf into a turban knot around your natural waves and wear a bright pair of shoes. Since this outfit is mainly composed of neutrals, get creative with your jewelry: mix metals, pile on the bracelets and add a simple gold chain around your neck.

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