At the risk of jinxing it, I have to say spring has officially sprung! I am ready to welcome it just as much as all of you are, but I will welcome it in strides. This week we had some record highs for the month of March; however, dare I say it may be a bit too soon for flip flops and shorts for Minnesota? I observed some students who were a little too eager for summer and jumped right over spring, but this Fashionista wore a chic ensemble that appropriately accommodated the rising temps. Wearing a cute striped top, she layered with a green military inspired jacket and a lightweight scarf. This Fashionista then finished off the outfit with blue denim skinny jeans and basic brown flats. What I love about this outfit is the layers. Mornings have remained somewhat chilly here in St. Paul, but as the day goes on and the sun comes out you can easily shed your jacket or scarf and still remain fashionable.

Name: Taylor Marie Harp

Major: Communications & Journalism

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing and where did you purchase each piece?

Taylor Marie Harp: I am wearing a green linen jacket from Forever 21 with a cream colored scarf also from there. My jeans and brown flats are from Target.

CF: What are your favorite stores to shop at?

TH: I LOVE Francesca's, Forever 21 and Nordstroms.

CF: What trends are you excited to wear for the spring season?

TH: I love flats of all kinds, patterns, and colors! I own way too many and wear them with everything.

CF: Where do you find your style inspiration?

TH: I like following trends on fashion blogs and in certain fashion magazines. I also like to mix and match some old and new pieces together.

CF: How has your style changed since arriving to college?

TH: I definitely wear things I love rather than just what is in or a name brand. My style reflects my mood and is a way to express myself.

How To: You can never go wrong with a striped shirt. This one is by Ralph Lauren and it can be worn slightly off the shoulder.  Next, layer the shirt with a green military inspired jacket like this one from Roxy.  I love the pattern above the patch pocket that adds interest to your basic military jacket. Finish the outfit with a lightweight scarf, blue skinny jeans and brown flats for a cute start to the spring season.

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