March and April are proving to be THE months for fashion in Bloomington, with fashion shows happening almost every weekend. This weekend, a fellow student of mine is showcasing a line that she has been working on for over two years. Her senior project is to design, construct and show an entire fashion line from start to finish. Below is an interview I got with her to learn more about her show.

Name: Tracy Thallemer

Major: Fashion Design through the Individualized Major Program and Apparel Merchandising

Year: Senior

College Fashionista: When did you first start designing the line for your upcoming fashion show?

Tracy Thallemer: I have been envisioning my fashion show for two and a half years, but I seriously started designing the looks a year ago. I began construction six months ago.

CF: Tell me what your show will entail.

TT: My senior collection is called “Made is Motion.” The collection is inspired by vintage cars from the late 1940s-60s. I wanted to mimic the curves of a vintage automobile and replicate them to accentuate a woman’s body. The clothing is meant to show a woman’s sexy curves in a classic yet modern way.

CF: What do you hope to gain from your show?

TT: I have gained so much insight on the entire ideation process. I have been able to see the process from taking ideas, making them 2D sketches, and creating 3D wearable garments.

How To: While Tracy did all of the designing in her fashion line, her personal outfit can easily be created so that you too, can get that special “fashion designer” look. Her classic shirt dress and belt can be found at Forever 21. Grab some funky sandals and a chunky necklace, and you’ll be good to go!

Don’t forget to check out Tracy’s “Made in Motion” Fashion Show this weekend, April 2nd at 7pm! More details are posted on Facebook.


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