Meet Valerie. I came across this Fashionista in Soho after my first day of work at Opening Ceremony. What caught my eye was her ability to mix personal taste and trendiness. Her approach to this season, she explains, is "easy, fun" and most importantly (with her seven-day work schedule), "comfort" in her most "practical apparel" during her strenuous work weeks. While wearing the quintessential white work button-up, Valerie manages to uphold her personal style and doesn't let it get caught up in the nine-to-five grind. To all you corporate Fashionistas out there, let this be a lesson in not sacrificing style. 

Name: Valerie Jolifier

Year: Senior

Major: Fashion Marketing and Management at Berkeley College

CollegeFashionista: Who inspires your style?

Valerie Jolifier: I have many inspirations, but to narrow it down, the Olsen twins, Lauryn Hill, and Taylor Tomasi Hill have most significantly affected my style to this day.

Collegefashionista: Where do you typically shop in New York City?

VJ: I typically shop in Brooklyn and in the city. In Brooklyn, I mainly shop vintage, thift and discount; in the city, 5th Avenue and Soho are my favorite spots. Stores like H&M, Topshop, J. Crew, Madewell, and American Apparel are a few of my favorites.

How To: Try recreating Valerie’s look with these alice + olivia cargos. Or, for an even more summery look, try these J Brand cargos in white. As well, try this Equipment tank in white or any other colour! The brighter the better! These tanks are loosely fitted as well as light. With the sticky and hot New York City temperatures, they can be quite useful.

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