When denim was first truly introduced by the invention of Levi's blue jeans in 1873, the now-popular fabric was used for purely utilitarian purposes. Because of denim's no-nonsense strength, men would wear overalls to the docking yards. The thought of women, then mostly housewives, wearing the fabric was dispicable. Then came Rosie the Riveter, with her all-denim outfit and muscles, urging women to join the workforce and don denim. It was the start of a denim revolution. 

In this week's episode of “Chambray Shirts are Always the Answer,” we introduce Fashionista Victoria Van Sickle, who pairs her loose button-up with baggy high-waisted animal print shorts. Since the outfit cinches at her midriff, it adds the illusion of curves while accentuating the pixie-cut donning student's waistline. With her Diet Coke in tow, this Fashionista is ready to take on the world…or maybe just class.

Name: Victoria Van Sickle

Year: Sophomore

Major: Photography

CollegeFashionista: Has photography influenced your style at all?

Victoria Van Sickle: I guess you could say that. I kind of want to do fashion photography because I've gotten more into fashion as I've done photography.

CF: How would you describe your style in general?

VVS: I've been inspired a lot by Paris fashion and it's kind of just grown into this. I've been inspired by the vintage '40s kind of style a little bit.

CF: Right. Do you go thrifting a lot?

VVS: I try to, but it doesn't really happen a lot (laughs).

CF: What are your favorite stores around Boston?

VVS: I like LF but they're really expensive, and obviously Urban [Outfitters] since I worked there and it's really easy to find stuff when you work there (laughs).

CF: What's the most played on your iPod right now?

VVS: Probably some jazz music right now, which is probably where the '40s vintage style comes from. 

How To: To channel Rosie the Riveter's spirit, pair your staple chambray shirt with animal print (not skinned) high-waisted shorts. Accessorize with a leather satchel and lace-up heeled boots to add some edge. And don't forget a smile and a good attitude!

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