This Fashionista is bringing East Coast style to Southern California. Gabrielle embodies New York City street fashion and adds flavors of her recent new home of Los Angeles. While still being able to keep her edge, Gabrielle happily welcomes the sunshine and time to get away from the humid weather back in New York. She tells us about her favorite go-to outfit for the windy summer days she is now enjoying. 

Name: Gabrielle Maio

Year: Junior

Major: English

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your overall style and is there something specific that you think about when choosing an outfit?

Gabrielle Maio: When it comes to getting dressed each morning, I always veer towards what is most comfortable. There is nothing worse than walking out the door and fidgeting here, and fidgeting there. Your outfit should enhance who you are, effortlessly, throughout the day. I would describe my style as minimalist, eclectic and simple, with an edge of chic. I don't venture out with color that much. I stick to black, grays, white and neutral colors. I like my wardrobe to be easy. I have a few go-to pants that look good with any flowy top over. Places I like to shop would be AllSaints, Forever 21, H&M, Urban Outfitters, TopShop, Brandy Melville, Bloomingdales, J.Crew, and thrift stores. When I shop, I always make sure that I can wear a piece of clothing with at least two other things that I own. I make sure the fit is right for my body, and I feel good in it. If I don't feel good in it, I won't buy it, no matter how cute it is. I spend more money on basics, and then buy the trendy styles of the season for cheap. I always look for something that is a bit different, that will take an outfit over the edge, in a minimalist way. Clean-cut, sophisticated, and fashion-forward are things I look for in each piece of clothing I buy.

CF: Even though you are only out here for the summer taking classes, how do you think that New York Style differs from Los Angeles fashion?

GM: New York is different than LA for many reasons. For one, you see a lot more black. You don't have the beach in NY, which surprisingly influences and dictates a lot of Southern California's style. The seasons also give New Yorkers four wardrobes. While you can wear coats in LA, you really have to get winter chic in New York. There is also a bit less of "trendy" and a bit more of refinery in New York style. A lot more "street" style. And a lot more of individual style.

CF: What is about fashion that catches your eye and is there anything you cannot live without in your closet?

GM: I like to express myself through my clothes and writing. Specifically with fashion, I think that what you wear can influence your day and your confidence level. I like my outfit to match my mood, or change my mood, or even enhance it. You can tell a lot about a person through their individual style. Style doesn't just pertain to fashion, but it is the easiest place to find it. Things I can't live without are a nice, gray sweater. Splurge on one; you won't regret it!. I throw it on all the time to look comfy-chic. I also can't live without a good bag. A good, cute bag can make or break an outfit. Sunglasses, as well. And, one more thing: my eyelash curler.

CF: Do you have any advice or style tips for other Fashionistas?

GM: My advice to people would be to have fun! Wear things because you like them. Play around with things. Take fashion to the fairytale side of life! Also, spend money on classics and basics. Go cheaper on trendy things of the season!

How To: Gaby's perfect travel companion her Alexander Wang purse was purchases on sale for $300 but is originally priced $800. Her whiite maxi skirt is from the gap and was bought for 40 dollars on sale but was orginally priced at 60 dollars and is perfect to throw on for thoise casual outings out around the city.Her lack crop top is from American apparel priced at 25 dollars and shoes are black haviana sandals at 20 dollars.
Making the outfit are her favorite ray ban sunglasses priced at 150 dollars. To get Gabrielle’s chic city style you could find your perfect travel bag at Alexander Wang paired with the summer essential a crop top found at American Apparel.

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