Let’s face it: I get carried away easily! This holds true in my wardrobe, where I can get so into a mood or inspiration that I dive into a corresponding look without a backwards glance. So when I see fellow Fashionista/os who manage to be extremely fashionable with a balanced mix of styles, I immediately admire in them the restraint I sometimes lack. This was the case for this week’s Fashionista; I was drawn in by the brightly colored, airy dress paired with strong basics.

Name: Yaminah Mayo

Major: Undecided

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: What are some of your favorite places to shop?

Yaminah Mayo: I love being one of a kind and unique so thrift stores are definitely my go-to places when thinking about making my look exclusive and distinctive. I also love retailers such as Urban Outfitters, LF, Topshop, Forever 21 and even Target. However, if I could go shopping it would probably be at a thrift store such as Second Time Around, The Closet or the Goodwill on Boston University's campus. Surprisingly thrift stores are quite present in the Boston-Allston-Cambridge area.

CF: If you could raid one celebrity’s closet whose would it be and why?

YM: If I could raid one celebrity’s closet it would have to be Tracee Ellis Ross. Being the daughter of Diana Ross, she knows how to effortlessly mix and match glamorous high quality pieces with pieces she may have found at a flea market or local consignment shop. She is the perfect example of how to bring past trends and styles into contemporary times and make them wearable. I also love that she doesn't follow trends she sees are popular; she dresses for herself and not what others view as trendy, cool or chic.

CF: What influences your style the most?

YM: As I said earlier I love being an individual and I am constantly looking for ways to express myself differently through fashion. I love the nonchalant, effortless yet chic look that I see on fashion blogs, and looking back on various pictures I've taken and posted on my own blog, I feel as though that is the style I most embody. I am inspired by music (very cliché, I know), by my mood, books (I love coffee table books), art, movies, music videos, even jewelry I own I can never walk out the house without a ring, a watch and a pair of funky, weird earrings. I am even inspired by my schedule. The fewer classes I have, the less likely that I'll dress up because after class I make a beeline back to my bed. Right now, for some odd reason, I'm greatly inspired by denim, denim shirts, denim jackets, and the different things I can do with denim. However, nothing inspires me more than my friends.

How To: To get this balance of feminine and grunge, start with the feminine, a pretty, flirty dress in something luxe like lace or chiffon. Add a no-frills jacket, Yaminah's denim is spot on (and is a timeless staple), and keep accessories minimal with cute and functional boots and an eco-chic bag. Having a harder edge to the ensemble keeps a girly look grounded!

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