Almost as addictive as its fishy, sugary companion, Swedish style is slowly seeping into the minds of young, open-minded Americans. Seriously, 68% household items in America hail from IKEA. I made that figure up, but it sounds pretty accurate, right? When exactly did this Swedish takeover happen and how, you ask? Like an urban legend, nobody knows. One, however, can speculate…

In my mind, Swedish representatives gathered together in a glass-stone compound around a long, frosted glass table the length of a football field.

“We simply must save the world from American frumpiness.”
“I lub the idea…but how ever shall we go about it?”
“Round up the bloggers. They’re our only hope.”

And so, the Swedes infiltrated the interweb. and Stockholm Street Style took to the pavement to show those sitting in their homes that they didn’t have the Swedish style and sophistication in American suburbs. While Elin Kling and Caroline Engman traipsed around at parties with fashion’s elite, initially gaining entry via spy-like methods. Although, I can’t imagine Elin popping out of a toilet like the creepy bald man in Spice World

And now it appears that Swedish style has come to BU. (Even though this week’s Fashionista isn’t from Sweden.)

Name: Yasemin Hekimouglou

Major: Advertising

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Yasemin Hekimoglou: Probably casual chic.

CF: What’s your favorite fall accessory?

YH: Probably jackets. I really like fur and blazers.

CF: How’s the fashion in Turkey compared to the fashion at BU?

YH: A lot different (laughs). You won’t be able to see people walking around in sweatpants in Turkey. Everybody is usually in jeans, dressed up…like that.

CF: Advertising is obviously a lot about aesthetics. Do you think that that influences the way that you dress?

YH: Umm, probably not. I don’t like to buy everything that’s in fashion. I just like to mix it up, you know?

How To: To get this chic accessory-dominant look, start with a simple long sleeve T-shirt and dark wash denim jeans. Layer on a chic leather-accented jacket and a printed scarf. Accessorize with a satchel, skull-and-crossbones embroidered slippers and a pair of gold-rimmed aviators.

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