If I garnered one thing from the elementary fire and safety “presentations,” it was to stop, drop and roll. However, having lived through many fire drills, I am here to tell you to snag the following items pre-stop, drop and rolling: your (faux) fur vest, feminine blouse, fitted jeans and broken-in boots. In the unfortunate event that your closet does not survive, these four basic closet staples can take your from fire to super fly in no time at all!

I spotted this Fashionista looking simply sophisticated on a recent, blustery DC morning. Juxtaposing her cropped faux fur vest and combat boots with her wispy blouse and dark-wash jeans, she struck the perfect balance between punk and prep. Despite the doldrums of exam week, she looked ready to take on any subject with style.

Name: Yinka Bode-George

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: How does your style reflect your personality?

Yinka Bode-George: I would say that I’m a go-with-the-flow kind of person, and that is definitely reflected in my style. I pretty much dress how I feel. If I wake up in a rebellious mood, I’m throwing on my leather jacket. Or if it’s sunny outside, I’m wearing something bright and colorful.

CF: Who inspires your style?

YBG: I’m really inspired by Coco Chanel. She believed in the power of simplicity. Some of her most basic designs, like the little black dress, made the biggest statements. I try to incorporate her ideals into the way I dress.

CF: What are you most looking forward to wearing this summer?

YBG: I am a huge fan of the neon trend. I’m excited for neon nails, neon bodycon skirts and dresses and neon satchels. I think it’s a perfect trend for the summer.

How To: To perfect a look like this Fashionista's, start by inVESTing in a super fly fur vest. Whether you prefer real or faux, black or brown, a fur vest is a simple and easy way to enhance any outfit. Next, layer it over a feminine blouse. A cream colored blouse can take you from workplace chic to downtown hip in a hot second! Then, work a fitted pair of jeans (dark-wash is flattering and will always be in style.) To pull the look together add a pair of boots. Cowboy, equestrian or combat, boots are fool-proof way to update any look. Add your favorite satchel and a wristful of bangles, and you'll have a sophisticated, fire-proof look!

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