These days being trendy or fashionable, requires your outfits to havea lot of bells and whistles — sequins, leather, platform heels. However a great, eye-catching dress can offer so much more than all the trends! This week's Fashionista wore a casual dress with a pair of sandals and a great purse to captivate my attention. The dress, with pleating, buttons and colorblocking, seems like it might have too much going on, but these three components compliment each other quite well! Her tan leather purse is the perfect size to tote her essentials, and it is more unique than the typical Chanel knock-off pleated purses! All in all, this week's Fashionista embodies the philosophy: less is more!

Name: Yuqi Zhang

Major: Biology

Year: Sophomore 

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing today?

Yuqi Zhang: An Urban Outfitters dress.

CF: Where do you shop when you're on a budget?

YZ: I tend to shop in the sale section or Forever 21.

CF: What was your last purchase?

YZ: A silk blouse.

CF: What's on your fashion wish list for the holidays?

YZ: I really want oxfords and bootie heels.

How To: What's best about this Fashionista's look is that the dress is captivating because it's unique. There really is no standard of “uniqueness” that you need to abide by in order to get this look, so the sky is the limit! Look for a dress that is quirky, cute and flattering for your body type. Find a dress that grabs your attention when you see it in the store. It could have unique buttons, ruffles, funky hemline or mesmerizing print. Try websites like, or Francesca's Collections. The open shoulders and peasant-floral print shows in this hop sketch dress show the perfect amount of skin and would be great with thick-knit tights. Looking for this season's high-low hemline, try this flamenco dress from Francesca's. The combination of colored top and black and white printed bottom don't detract from the focal point of the dress: the hemline.

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