The saying goes in UCC, that the second you hit study month, the sun is guaranteed to be splitting the stones; and as it did for every year of my study, so the saying is currently living up to its promises. Yes, “study weather” is upon us in Cork and one knock-on effect of the sun splitting the stones is the colourful, fun and flirty fashion which is currently being sported around campus. It appears everyone is embracing the sunshine in their feel-good get-ups, and not least of all today’s Fashionista. Her coral skinnies and loosely hanging denim shirt channel an effortlessly cool but cheerful campus chic, with espadrilles and a cool pair of aviators setting off a distinctly spring-inspired look. Such a melee of vibrant colours and lighter fabrics on campus can only signal one thing: the true arrival of spring and a hint of the fun and fearless campus fashion yet to come.

Name: Yvonne McEvoy

Major: Nursing

Year: Four

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Yvonne McEvoy: I would describe it as quite casual; I tend to go for comfort over fashion. I lived in London for three months as part of my college placement last year and I think that has had a major impact on my style and my take on trends.

CF: From whom or where do you get your fashion inspiration?

YM: I take a lot of inspiration from celebrities and people in the public eye. I really admire Kate Middleton’s style and how she always manages to look chic in all situations and occasions. For the most part, I tend to just pick up and experiment with what stands out to me in high street stores, but I would also take inspiration from street style.

CF: Could you talk about today’s outfit and why you chose it?

YM: I chose this outfit because it is casual and comfortable, but also is suited to the warm weather we are experiencing at the moment. I think a denim shirt has a real cool factor about it, no matter what you team it with and it goes with every colour. I love the colour block trend of the moment so I chose these coral skinny jeans, and then teamed them with these espadrilles, again, as they are a comfortable and casual option but also it is warm enough to wear them on campus.

CF: Is there any style tip that you live by and would like to pass on to our readers?

YM: I think once you are comfortable in yourself with your style, and with what you are wearing you can never go wrong with fashion in my eyes.

How To: This Fashionista knows how to make an effortlessly cool and chic fashion statement by incorporating casual comfort with her favourite seasonal trends. She has chosen an array of neutral shades and pieces which not only work perfectly together, but will prove essential spring wardrobe staples. New Look is the first port of call for those of you looking to emulate this perfect colour pop. These gorgeous coral skinnies will take you anywhere this season, whether teaming with neutral denim like today’s Fashionista, or a bright colour clash. Whether you go for the buttoned-up look, opt for a cute crop knot or leave it open and hanging like today’s Fashionista, a denim shirt is the last word in campus cool. Capture the chic denim look with this dark denim shirt from Zara and experiment to suit your style. Finally, embrace the warm weather (while it lasts) in a pair of espadrilles to complete your look. While this Fashionista has opted for a pair of trendy TOMS in navy and white to set off the bright coral of her jeans, a complementary colour clash would rock this look also.

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