The trouser pant is a style that took the runway by storm for spring 2011 as well as fall 2011. Stella McCartney was one of the many designers to incorporate the pant in a mix of feminine and masculine looks. When I saw this Fashionista styling not only the trouser pant, but also the very popular military jacket, I knew I had to talk to her.

Name: Ellen Havey

Year: Sophomore

Major: Communication Studies and Journalism

CollegeFashionista: How did you decide on this particular outfit for the day?

Ellen Havey: The temperature felt like fall so I needed a jacket, but I wanted to add the optimism of spring hence the pop of color.

CF: How do you suggest Fashionistas incorporate gems during the day like you are with your flats?

EH: The fact that the trousers were more neutral, I think the gems add a little more to the outfit. I think that if you pair gems or any glitz with a more casual ensemble than the result just adds a little spark to the outfit.

CF: What is a new purchase that you are excited to break out for spring?

EH: I like loose tops in general. I just got this nude colored chiffon top, and I like that I can dress it up or down. I’ll probably pair it with skinny jeans. 

How To: Every store is carrying a type of trouser pant for the spring season. This style from Gap is a more casual and cargo style, while this style from Urban Outfitters has a more sophisticated chic look to it. Combine the military jacket with a trouser pant and you have the perfect combination of tough with soft, or try the military jacket with a flouncy skirt for a more feminine look.

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