What strikes you most about a person when walking down the street? Perhaps it is their color blocked outfit that is so bold it refuses to blend into the sea of people. Maybe it’s their daring red lips that makes you feel like you’re watching an old Hollywood classic. Or maybe it’s their black floppy hat or their perfectly blonde tousled hair that is so effortless you really wonder if they actually woke up looking that way. For me, it was all of these things about this Fashionista that caught my eye and made me do a double take when passing by her on the street. It is almost hard to pinpoint the focus of this ensemble.  It is really all of these elements, which combine together to create this effortlessly color blocked Parisian look.

Name: Eliza McNitt

School: New York University

Year: Junior

Major: Film

College Fashionista: If you could raid anyone’s closet, whose would it be?

Eliza McNitt: I would raid Grace Kelly’s closet because I’m in love with every outfit she wears in Rear Window.

CF: Where do you find inspiration?

EM: I recently was just in Paris and I was very inspired while walking through the Tuileries by seeing all of the flawless Parisian women on their bikes with their six-inch heels. I could never do that! But I was very inspired by their clothing. I am also inspired by the clothing in classic Hollywood films because nobody dresses like that anymore. It’s a type of style that we should hold on to but it’s slowly fading away. One of my favorites is Rear Window, but I actually just watched Psycho and I have to say the outfits in that were beautiful. The Birds and Tippi Hedren are other favorites. I am a huge fan of the way Alfred Hitchcock dresses all of his female characters. If only I could steal some of those costumes!

CF: What is something in your closet you could not live without?

EM: Anything black! I couldn’t live without my combat boots because summer or winter, you need those in New York City.

How To: Pair a solid printed shirt with a solid printed skirt.  Add a belt and hat for extra pop when creating a color-blocked emsemble.  Pair with nude sandals to minimize attention to the shoe unless you are feeling extra daring and want to incorporate your shoes into the color blocking mix. I suggest if you do this, play down the rest of the outfit with whites or blacks and add a great electric blue or hot pink pump to stand out rather than take away from the rest of your color blocked look.


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