There are many things that the iconic fifty stars and thirteen red and white stripes represent—American freedom, pride in this country’s history and the opportunities it has provided, a celebration of American cultural heritage and more. While some choose to express their patriotism by waving their flags high, this Fashionisto celebrates America by wearing the flag on his pants. Although the 4th of July is already behind us, there is no stopping this all-American Fashionisto from expressing his always evident patriotism.

Name: Brad Alagna

Major: Management and Baking and Pastry Arts

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What inspired this look?

Brad Alagna: My look is all about the 4th of July and summertime—that and Lana Del Rey’s love for the American flag.

CF: What is your favorite article of clothing or accessory in your closet?

BA: I would have to say it’s these flag pants. They are so out there and they certainly make heads turn, which I love to do. Anything Americana I drool over, so these pants take the cake as my favorite piece of clothing. Oh, and shoes! I’m crazy about shoes to the point where I’ll sometimes create my outfit around what pair I want to wear.

CF: How do you take inspiration from other places and translate it into your own look?

BA: I love finding pictures of outfits and how others wear them. It enables me then to possibly re-create the look using what I have with my styled twist.

CF: What does fashion mean to you?

BA: I love clothes and how they can say everything to someone without you having to say a word. I am all about being your own person and expressing yourself, so I love anyway I can do so, especially through fashion.

CF: What advice do you have for people looking to establish your sense of confidence when dressing?

BA: I would say have fun and certainly do not worry about the opinions of others. I wear crop tops and short shorts occasionally and I love that I wear what I want without worrying about the opinions of others. Wear what you like and what makes you happy rather than worrying what others may say. 

How To: Channel this Fashionisto’s boldness and confidence by wearing the statement piece that you have always wanted to. Whether it is a floral headband to express your inner California bohemian or a pair of American flag jeans to channel your inner Lana Del Rey, remember that style is dressing for yourself.

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