Recently I’ve taken a liking to men’s clothing. There is something so sleek and intriguingly simple about men’s shirts, shorts and slip-on shoes. It is so easy for a guy to look put together that I wonder why some guys stick to the same old sweat pants and sneakers every day. Most importantly, how a guy presents himself gives you a lot of information about him without even saying a word! One of the best ways to decode a guy’s style is by his shoes, which is a method I have been trying to understand for a while. In the case of this Fashionisto, his shoes are polished and simple. This is a trait reflected in his professional attitude and is shown even when talking about his personal style, which he claims is created by “throwing things together.”

This Fashionisto has great plans ahead of him to launch a clothing website with partners to promote little known T-shirt brands from across the country. Named “Vision Industries,” the site will launch mid-August and has already emerged as a handle on Twitter with more than 130 followers. The up and coming brands that the company will be promoting have something to do with either “surf, skate, street or style”. Ultimately, his smart way of dressing and sense for new and cool clothing companies will be helpful to him in the business world because half the battle is looking and acting the part.

Name: Garrett Nygren

Major: Entrepreneurship

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing today?

Garrett Nygren: An orange button-down, seersucker shorts, Clarks shoes, Urban Outfitters mid-calf socks, a Gruen watch and a red, white and blue cord bracelet.

CF: Do you have any style don’ts or rules that you live by?

GN: I want to be eye-catching but not obnoxious in the clothes I wear. Definitely a rule I have is to dress like an individual. And I try not to wear clashing colors.

CF: What are your go-to staples for day to day clothes?

GN: Button-down shirts, pastels, mid-calf socks and original and authentic brands of shoes like Converse, Vans and Sperry Top-Siders.

CF: What is your favorite item to buy and why?

GN: A watch or a hat! I like five panel hats.

How To: Achieve this Fashionisto’s look with classic summer seersucker shorts, a button-down shirt in a fun color and clean-cut shoes. Personalize the ensemble with a bracelet or hat and add a watch. With this outfit completed you’re ready to attack anything from a business meeting to a lunch date!


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