This Fashionisto kept things formal and polished on his way to office hours with a professor this past week. He expressed to me his desire to always look both down to earth as well as polished when meeting professors. Often students will throw on whatever is comfortable when going to meetings, but it is important to look presentable when meeting with authority figures. These are the people who will be giving you letters of recommendation and internship opportunities after all! This Fashionisto kept the outfit cool with a Davis staple—a flannel shirt. He paired this piece with khakis and dress shoes. The shirt kept the outfit from looking too stuffy and formal, while the bottoms and shoes showed that this student is making an effort to look professional.

Name: Jordan Farrow

Major: Civil Engineering

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: You look really nice! Do you always dress so formally?

Jordan Farrow: Really only when I’m meeting with someone important. Today I have a meeting with my professor to discuss some research opportunities, so I wanted to look nice for that.

CF: What is your typical go-to outfit for class?

JF: It’s usually a little bit less formal than this, like khakis with a nice looking T-shirt or maybe jeans with a polo. I don’t like to look sloppy, but I don’t make a huge effort for just basic classes. I see people wearing pajamas to class and that’s not really my thing, but I don’t try super hard to look formal everyday either.

CF: Are there any summer style trends you have been loving?

JF: In summer there’s always this carefree approach to everything, including dressing, and I like that. I like wearing shorts in a brighter color than usual. I also really like wearing baseball hats.

How To: To copy this Fashionisto’s polished style grab a flannel and tuck it into a pair of khakis. If the weather is a little warmer, try wearing a short sleeve button-down with chino shorts.

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