One of my favorite trends of all time would have to be color blocking and I love a great Fashionisto who can rock it! My first Fashionisto of the semester knew how to pull together a bold outfit in the middle of winter.  This look is effortless, easy to put together yet stylish at the same time.

Name: Josh Moos

Major: Fashion Merchandising

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Who are you wearing?

Josh Moos: Today, I’m wearing a sweater and pants I got at a thrift shop, and shoes I bought at ALDO.

CF: Where/who do you take your style inspiration from?

JM: My style inspiration relies on color and prints. I like to think of myself as a diluted Johnny Makeup or Johnny Anastacio, but without the budget to afford most of what they wear.

CF: How do you describe your personal style?

JM: Hong Kong Lollipop.

CF:What are your favorite stores to shop?

JM: I really like Topman, Forever, H&M, American Apparel and anywhere else I can find fluorescents or light pastels.

CF: Are there any trends you are looking forward to this year?

JM: I recently read of a trend titled Gothic Sport. I like the idea of combining athletic wear into everyday menswear. I want to do the same, but minus the black and replace it with the color of a sunset.

How To: The key to perfecting this look is not to be afraid of color! I would suggest searching vintage shops for some buried treasures. Find a sweater that is bold-colored with a great pattern that will coordinate with a pair of colored denim. I know when colored denim first comes to mind we generally think womenswear, but this trend has definitely proven to be popular for men as well. I would stick to neutrals for the shoes just to balance the whole look and make the outfit more appropriate for the winter season.

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