As much as I love spring, I detest the rain. It’s the type of weather that makes getting dressed a chore, and I’m always at a loss as to what to wear.  The idea of putting together an ensemble that is true to my style, comfortable and won’t get me drenched seems as impossible as wearing sweatpants to the Oscars—it just won’t happen. However, if there’s anything to help combat against these spring showers, it’s the trench coat, as this Fashionisto demonstrates.

The trench coat has become synonymous with classic style and preppiness—and Burberry of course. I love how he anchors such a timeless piece with colored denim on the bottom and a crewneck sweater layered over a plaid button down on top. The trench coat, along with the leather bag and shoes, keeps the ensemble from becoming a St. Patrick’s Day uniform and makes it appropriate for the daily 9 to 5 of a college student. The finishing touch is to pop that collar and you’ll look like you’re ready to conquer anything.

Name: Justin Soto

Major: Broadcast Journalism

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: How has your style evolved overtime?

Justin Soto: I won best dressed in high school (not to brag), but since junior year, I have enjoyed taking the time to create looks that I really enjoy. Now, I wear clothing that’s somewhat more mature and professional, like button-down shirts and dress shoes, but they can also be worn casually.

CF: As a broadcast journalism major, how does fashion play a role in what you’d hope to be your future career?

JS: As a broadcast journalism major, I watch my favorite networks such as CNN or the local news to see how the male anchors and reporters mix and match their suits and button-down shirts. In my field, we usually need to look professional, except if we are covering a light feature story or something fun where we would need to dress for a different occasion. I like the professional look that helps reporters represent their news station appropriately but allows them to share their personal style as well.

CF: How do you view the state of menswear fashion today?

JS: I wish menswear was more popular in the fashion industry in comparison to women’s, but I think designers will continue to showcase a few special outfits on the runway and also in editorial. I think it’s becoming progressively more European and trendier, especially with shorter shorts and brighter colors. 

CF: Name five basics every man should have in his closet.

JS: Every man should have a versatile, black peacoat for any season (especially for the crazy Boston weather), a bright scarf, a pair of shoes to dress down or up in, a fun hoodie or crewneck sweater for more casual days and lastly a leather belt (I have one that is reversible with brown and black and it’s perfect for any outfit).

How To: Known for its timelessness and versatility, working with a trench coat as simple. Choose your neutral, either a khaki version or a navy one, and don’t be shy to pair it with some colored denim. There’s a lot of freedom as to what to wear on top. From a basic T-shirt to a plaid button-down, the options are endless. Finally, slip on a pair of classic brogues and grab a leather satchel, and you’re surely to become the new campaign model for Burberry.

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