Looking sharp does not always require a snazzy suit, dark fitted jeans or wing tip oxfords. This can be achieved in a much simpler, college friendly way. While Northeastern is known for its co-op program and many students have to wear a suit and tie on a daily basis, there are still plenty of us taking classes who still want to look dapper.

Today’s Fashionisto has achieved a sharp look on a much more casual level. By going for an almost monochromatic white ensemble, he looks chic and very on-trend. His pants fit and the cuffs at the bottom also add another level of sophistication to his look. His ombre T-shirt is perfect for a hot summer day, especially when paired with white pants and sandals. This top could also be worn with some black pants and boots for a fall ensemble. His accessories also contribute to his casually sharp outfit. His beige backpack is perfect because the color can be worn with a variety of others and the shape is interesting and unlike a regular old backpack.

Name: Kevin Xin

Major: Management

Year in School: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Kevin Xin: I think I am the kind of person who likes to dress [in] individualistic and free-style clothes.

CF: Who or what influences your fashion choices?

KX: I think my personality influences my fashion choices.

CF: What is your favorite season to dress for?

KX: My favorite season I like to dress for is autumn and spring.

CF: Where do you like to shop in Boston?

KX: Since I am new here, I do not know any malls, but I think that Macy’s is my favorite mall [right now].

CF: What is your favorite thing to wear during the summer?

KX: During the summer, l like to dress as simply as I can in terms of a T-shirt with simple [designs], jeans and [slip-ons].

How To: Fashionistos, if you want to look sharp and casual for summer classes, take some hints from today’s Fashionisto. Find a pair of light colored pants that fit you well and can be cuffed at the bottom. Get a pair of casual sneakers or sandals that match or complement your bottoms to achieve a slightly monochromatic look. Finally, find a stylish backpack that will go with all of your outfits and stand out amongst the crowd. The key to keeping your look polished for summertime is by sticking with a light color palette and well-fitting clothes.

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