What you wear is very important when you walk out of the house. Whether your style is casual or dressy, you should put thought in your daily ensemble.  This Fashionisto shows us how to look stylish, yet feel comfortable at the same time.

Name: Ryan Fongheiser

Major: Engineering

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Ryan Fongheiser: Normally, I find myself almost always wearing cargo shorts and either a T-shirt or a button-down. I would consider my personal style to be the norm of what preppy, teenaged guys wear every day; however, I dislike jeans.

CF: What is your favorite store and why?

RF: My favorite store would definitely have to be American Eagle. Although it can be expensive at times, I love almost everything from the store. I nearly always find something to buy.

CF: What kind of outfit do you find most flattering on a girl?

RF: Most guys would likely say yoga pants or anything tight fitting, and don’t get me wrong, they are fantastic, but I, personally, think a casual sundress is most flattering on a girl.

CF: Do you have advice for Fashionista/os on a budget?

RF: Impulse buys are fun, until your wallet is empty. Make sure you really want or need an item before you purchase it.

How To: To get a similar look to this Fashionisto, I suggest starting out with a colorful button-down or polo. Khakis are a great addition to the outfit. Top it off with a stand out pair of sandals.

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