As we grow older our tastes begin to change. Although fashion is continuously evolving, style is more permanent and personal. College allows us to explore and experiment with almost every facet of our lives, including trends and styles. Coming into your own sense of style can be daunting. This Fashionisto makes a smooth and subtle transition. He uses classic and simple pieces to create a put together look. The light colored shorts paired with a staple V-neck top creates an overall preppy feel that is ready for spring. This Fashionisto’s outfit choice can be worn on a multitude of occasions, truly making it an elegant and timeless look. Continue reading below to find out how to transition your look from one season to all seasons and your fads into style.

Name: Ryan McDonough

Major: Accounting

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing and where is each piece from?

Ryan McDonough: I am wearing a black sweater from Ralph Lauren, a watch from Fossil, yellow shorts from Eddie Bauer and boat shoes from Sperry Top-Sider.

CF: What are some of your favorite stores to shop at?

RM: I like to shop at Eddie Bauer, American Eagle Outfitters and Ralph Lauren.

CF: How has college influenced your taste in style?

RM: I would say that college has made my style more preppy. Going to a school where a lot of people wear preppier clothing has really influenced and developed my style over the past two years.

CF: Do you plan on embracing the style of a professional work environment?

RM: I always joke about having to wear business casual clothes and suits and hating it but I secretly like it in small doses. I’ll definitely embrace the style of the professional work environment when I get out of college because it’s just nice that everyone looks put together and successful in the workplace every day.

How To: Take this Fashionisto’s advice and stick to pieces that are versatile, wearable and professional. To recreate this preppy look grab a pair of colored shorts such as these. Be sure to choose a color that is subtle and suits your personality. Next, add a classic Ralph Lauren T-shirt that contrasts the bottoms such as these options. This helps create a put together yet stylishly preppy look. Boat shoes are a staple in any Fashionisto’s closet, especially one who has his mind set on success in and out of the classroom. Garnish off the look with a leather strap watch. With your newly found look, you are ready to take the fashion, academic and corporate world by storm.

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