Meet my cousin, a Texas native who loves to skate. Before his visit to California the last time I saw him my height exceeded his (this no longer holds true.) Now with his facial hair, laid back skater style and an intricate owl tattoo (not to mention the one outlining Texas,) he evolved into a true Fashionisto.

Name: Trey Simpson

Major: Business

Year: Freshmen

CollegeFashionista: Describe your style in three words.

Trey Simpson: Hipster, skater, music.

CF: How do your tattoos add to your sense of style?

TS: The tattoos are another way for me to express myself. Not only does it give the outside world a window into my personal life, but it also shows my love for art because I’m putting a piece of art on my body and it’s going to be there forever.

CF: From a skater’s point of view, how does Cali’s surfer look compare to a skater’s look?

TS: The stereotypical skater will most likely be wearing pants, either jeans or chinos. When it gets too hot they will cut off the legs of the pants to create cut-offs. Then, the shirt is usually a name brand skate company or band shirt, tanks and then in cold weather, pullover hoodies and flannels. When it comes to the shoes there are so many choices it’s not even funny. Surfers on the other hand, from what I have noticed after my week in Cali, typically wear board shorts or khaki shorts, tank tops or T-shirts and either flip-flops or just no shoes at all. Some of the styles have gone over, but it’s still easy to tell the difference between surfers and skaters.

CF: What is your favorite fashion item to buy and why?

TS: It’s really hard for me to choose between shoes and hats. I’m always looking for new hats—always the same style: snapbacks. And then because I’m constantly destroying shoes, it’s always fun to try out the different shoes and see how the different brands compare to each other.

How To: To emulate a look similar to this Fashionisto, cuff a pair semi-fitted (not skintight) pants and pair them with either a graphic T-shirt or tank. Lace up a pair of skate shoes such as Vans and top off the look with a snapback. Fashionistas can achieve a skater girl vibe by pairing a graphic tee with a neutral, high-waisted, flowing short skirt. Wear a bold pair of skate sneakers and rock a pair shades like Ray-Ban Wayfarers. Even if you’re not a skater (I know I’m not!) this look gives off a perfect chill vibe to complement summer—just roll with it.


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