Ever since Helmut Lang showcased a denim vest in his collection, I have been majorly addicted to this article of clothing. I am usually not an advocate of vests (cue the Mean Girls quote). But, then again, Lang can change my mind on almost anything.

While Lang's variation of the denim vest was worn more like a shirt, today's Fashionisto actually wore a legitimate denim vest. This rocker-chic hipster looked the epitome of cool when spotted around campus. He played into the whole "grunge" persona by wearing tattered black denim and oversized headphones.

The denim revolution has splattered the pages of CollegeFashionista for the past year now and this Fashionisto was the first to don the vest variation, which is why he landed himself as Fashionisto of the Week. Originality plus style; this Fashionisto has it all.

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