While today isn't like my typical Fashionista of the Week posts, I can't help but crush on all the trendy Fashionistos I have been spying lately. This Fashionisto rocked it in his leather jacket layered with a hoodie giving off that sexy, tough-guy style. In addition, he flawlessly mixed black and brown, a move trendsetters are often afraid of. He even accented the neutral hues of the jacket and pants with a bold blue backpack- j'adore!

The thing I find humorous about men's fashion is warm weather or not, they adore their SANDALS. Today's Fashionisto loosened up his look by going with a casual sandal. While the weather may be insanely cold, this Fashionisto sees no harm in getting last minute wear out of his beloved shoes.

This weekend, if you are missing your sandals, try to sneak them out for a sting at the library. Make sure your wear heavy knits and a jacket on top to keep from completely freezing to death.


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