In 2010 we saw a surge of military-inspired clothing for Fashionistas and Fashionistos alike. I wasn't sure if this trend was going to cross over into 2011 or, if like most trends, it was going to be put to rest. However, after reviewing menswear collections for 2011, I saw the military inspired looks still lingering in John Varvatos' spring collection. The silhouettes aren't as rigid as we saw them in 2010 and the military influence is being translated through color choice more then actual clothing items.

Today's Fashionisto infused military hues into his ensemble but, like Varvatos, in a much softer demeanor. He mixed green skinny pants with a loose hanging blazer and brown lace up boots for a finishing touch. His look, while not entirely military, had the influence clearly present.

Hint: The best feature of today's Fashionisto's outfit was his camera. The biggest misconception for males is they feel they look “girly” when carrying a camera. Capturing inspirational photos is unisex so Fashionistos don't be afraid to swing your camera around your neck for a day out.

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