Today's Fashionisto of the Week was spotted embracing in the warmer weather of Southern California while taking a ride on, as it read across the board, was "My Car." I couldn't spotlight a more perfect Fashionisto to wrap up our week about accessories then today's gem.

He portrayed all elements of individuality throughout each component in his outfit: bold haircut, blood-stained tank top, ultra-skinny acid wash denim, black nails and doodled shoes. The closing piece of his outfit that landed him as Fashionisto of the Week was his skateboard. He made his vehicle of transportation an extension of his wardrobe and further showcased his creativity and love for accessories.

As college students getting from class to the library to class to your internship back to your apartment needs to be a quick procedure. Using eco-friendly ways of moving such as a skateboard or bicycle will not only allow you to keep your costs down, it's also another way to showcase your fashion personality.

Enjoy your weekend and take inspiration from this artistic Fashionisto!

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