A close second to my love for fashion is my love of music. Pop, techno, alternative, hip-hop. I'll take it all. Often, one's taste in music is reflected in their clothing choices.

When I came across this Fashionisto of the Week, I had the sudden urge to shuffle through my iPod for some bluegrass tunes. I love the thin bandana around his neck that keeps him and makes him look equally cool. This Fashionisto's tight plaid button down is a nice contrast to his somewhat baggy seersucker trousers. He also illustrates how suspenders aren't just for tuxedos and train conductors. The added cuff to his pants exposes a bare ankle, something that is so unexpectedly sexy on a guy. This Fashionisto topped of his look with a well-groomed hairstyle, which, as I mentioned earlier this week, is the perfect finishing touch to an outfit.

This weekend, blast your iTunes as you get ready for a night out. And, if you are as lucky as this Fashionisto of the Week, you may end up with a perfectly inspired ensemble. Jam on!

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