STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Spring in a Blazer

Spring is here and so are our favorite colors! With the weather getting warmer it has been easy to find great outfit ensembles that aren't hidden under large warm bundles. As a fashion student, I have been trying to keep my eye out for the fashion forward styles that were on the runway for spring 2011. Not only are we seeing seventies styles, but we are also seeing some great combinations with colors. With this Fashionisto, we get to experience the combo of neutrals and brights. Classic blue jeans, grey-olive blazer, brown dress shoes, and a salmon simple tee, he definitely has the eye for mixing and matching, and being successful of course.

Blazers are extremely respected within the fashion industry–simple, sophisticated, and so easy to work with. Blazers started out with simple black styles, with the popped up collars and one button in the front. Throughout the years, we have seen them come out in different styles, with more flare, and new colors. Plus, this garment can work in both ways, whether you are doing a presentation at work, or like this Fashionisto, going out for a casual stroll on a sunday afternoon, all by just mixing a tee with a blazer. Whether it's with jeans or dress pants, you will be able to pull off a look that everyone is going to respect you for.

My adivce to you is to bring out your blazer from the closet and start putting together new outfits. With the weather we have coming, all we need are light jackets and spring colors to blend in. In my closet, you will see two black blazers, and a white one I recently purchased at a local H&M, which will now be worn numerous times because it'll go with anything! Solid colored shirts either boat neck, crew neck, scoop neck, or V-neck, will go perfectly with a pair of slacks, so you'll be able to get into the warm weather with ease.

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