They say “real men wear pink.” That must’ve been before they saw this Fashionisto’s salmon-colored pants. The colors of this ensemble may be more youthful than what you’d find in Dad’s closet, but these clothes are no little boy’s. College is a time where we mature into adults, and our fashion choices often follow. This Fashionisto’s zestful button-down and blazer combo is the prime example of that. Whether you want to call it dressed-down businesswear or dressed-up casualwear, Alec Bowie found the right balance.

Name: Alec Bowie

Major: Philosophy and Religion

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Where did you get everything you’re wearing?

AB: These shoes are from the Cotton On outlet, these pants are from TJ Maxx, as is the shirt, and these pants are from Goodwill. These glasses are Jeff Banks London

CF: Can you name some places you shop at frequently?

AB: Definitely Goodwill, TJ Maxx, there’s a lot of local thrift stores that I hit up like Gainesville Outreach, Hospice Attic, Flashbacks, Sandy’s. There’s a whole separate world out there in Gaineville [for thrifting]. It’s actually a pretty happening place. Also Salvation Army, Cotton On – I love the Cotton On outlet; it’s like my favorite place in the world.

CF: How would you describe your personal style?

AB: I just try to go for what looks good. I don’t put too much effort or thought into it. I just kind of throw in stuff that I find. I like patterns. I like decently tacky stuff like colors. And I definitely like matching. On a typical day to class, I’ll probably just wear jeans, maybe a nice shirt, some decent shoes. Nothing too fancy, but not too slouchy.

CF: Do you have any seasons you prefer to dress for?

AB: I do prefer fall and winter. I like a nice button-down.

CF: If you could go to any city for the style, what would you choose?

AB: Probably a place like Portland. It’s very hippie and quirky with a lot of different people. It just seems like a melting pot of people and it’s different. I’ve been to Seattle, and that would have to be a close second. It’s a bigger city version of Portland.

CF: Do you have anything else to say about men’s fashion in the world or on campus?

AB: In terms of my style, as of late, or at least in the fall, I’d probably say I go for the professorial look. Oh, and one more thing: wear what you want.

How to: Go on, try it: colored denim. If you’ve stuck to the Levi’s standard blue your whole life, it’s time to branch out and slick on a pair or colored skinnies. I promise this one change can transform your entire wardrobe. This high-end Diesel pair is perfect, or check out some other Topman pairs here for a fraction of the price. Next, you'll find a textured or patterned button-down at Express. A blue tweed blazer like this one and this skytop sneaker from Urban Outfitters will top it all off.

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