Over the past few seasons, neutral hues have dominated menswear. But luckily for colorful Fashionisto’s such as this one, designers broke out of their gloomy, gray streaks to bring some life onto the runways of spring 2011. There was no way I could have missed this trendy Fashionisto walking to class- the colorful array of his bright pink backpack, neon orange jacket, light pink shoes, green knit beanie, and blue thermal shirt made him pop among his fellow classmates. I was impressed by the daring ensemble of risky color combinations he pulled together, so I pulled him out of the crowd to talk about his style.

Name: Alek Hannessian

Year: Sophomore

Majors: Philosophy and Communications

CollegeFashionista: Your outfit is obviously filled with color today. Is color a big part of your everyday ensemble?

Alek Hannessian: Well, in a world in which what is considered “fashionable” is completely dictated and forced upon by the industry, all we have left to identify ourselves with and attain individuality with is color. So yes, I would say color is a big part of my everyday ensemble.

CF: What is your go to piece of clothing or accessory?

AH: My go-to accessories would have to be my beanie and blue blocker sun glasses. And as clothing goes, my colorful shoes or bright orange jacket. These items in particular, because as Mark Wahlberg said in a ‘98 issue of GQ “These are the elements which add the pop.”

CF: What is your favorite season to dress for?

AH: Summer, because I am from LA where warm weather is my natural habitat. This weather also makes it most appropriate to dress in color, which as you can see, defines me.

How To: You too can make a colorful statement like this fashion forward Fashionisto! Start with your statement piece- a jacket like this one from Ralph Lauren. Then add this Fashionisto’s favorite accessories like this knit beanie and vibrant backpack. Finish following in his footsteps by dressing your feet with subtly, colorful shoes such as these ‘60s inspired sneakers. Voila! Now you are ready to stand out in any crowd.

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