This week’s Fashionisto, Alistair Blacklock, is quite the world traveler. He’s from Vancouver, moved to NYU Abu Dhabi for college and is currently studying here at NYU’s original location. With his quirky style, Alistair is a vintage store loyalist, who claims he doesn’t understand fashion. Lucky for him, he is just one of those guys who has no idea how endearing his style is, yet he brings so much international charm to the NYU campus.

Name– Alistair Blacklock
Age– 21
Year– Junior
Major– Social Research and Public Policy

CollegeFashionista: Where is everything you're wearing from?

Alistair Blacklock: My grandparents closet and fripes (vintage stores) in Paris.

CF: We hear so much about Parisian and New York style, can you tell me more about style you find in Canada and Abu Dhabi?
AB: Vancouver style is inspired by rainy days. Abu Dhabi style is inspired by the absence of rainy days.

CF: Which countries or cities inspire your style most?
AB: I've actually never though of my style in terms of a fixed geography. Everywhere seems to have its share of variety.

CF: How would you describe your personal style?
AB: 80 percent senior citizen and 20 percent cold weather.

CF: Favorite stores/brands?
AB: I think Beacon’s Closet. It's nice to exchange old clothes for older clothes.

CF: What's your item you can't live without?
AB: My puzzle ring from Istanbul. It's too much fun.

How to: Like all winter looks, Alistair based his outfit on layering. He bundled up in a coat, socks and a beanie. Accessories with red undertones really complement Alistair’s golden Cheap Monday jeans. Try this Ted Baker mahogany messenger bag as well as this Topman patterned linen scarf. Scarves are a great way to project your personality onto your appearance. I loved that this Topman scarf incorporates a tile-like mosaic pattern reminiscent of those that are prominent in Morocco or Istanbul, perfect for a traveler like this Fashionisto.

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