Fashion has the ability to transport us to any time period. Technology, on the other hand, only takes us further into the future. A combination of the two and you end up with a modern transformation of style with a mixture of the digital age. The fashion industry and techno-chic are no longer strangers, but compatible game players. From machinery used to manufacture clothing to the way we have the ability to view a fashion show, it is all about a new vision. Antonio Calderon is the Digital Advisor of Burberry, Beverly Hills. He plays as the bridge between the British runways and consumer hands.

Name: Antonio Calderon

Major: Merchandise Marketing

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What's a gadget a FIDM student can't live without?

Antonio CalderonC: I know it sounds cliché but I’m a firm believer in Apple products. If you're someone like me whose balancing out having a full time schedule of having a job and being a student you want something of true quality. I'm on the go and my iPhone has the world in the palm of my hand. I can check my class schedule, facetime with classmates about lectures I've missed, do some research on app angines, take and upload photos of projects, and keep in contact with teachers via email. Couldn’t ask for anything more.

CF: How would you describe your personal style?

AC: My style is really inspired by the casual toughness of downtown. Designers like G-Star and Alexander Wang have really perfected that urban look that I find influential. I like pieces that have an industrial appeal and I always coordinate with a great pair of denim.

CF: If you could invent something for both the fashion and technology savvy what would it be?

AC: Fashion shows are a huge part of fashion culture. Nowadays the incorporation of technology is there to really bring that “wow” factor. Alexander McQueen and Gareth Pugh are some who have flagged the movement by creating a cinematic affair with using prerecorded footage and motion senor cameras.  It enhances the experience and relays how forward the industry can be.  I’d really like to build on that idea of digitizing the moments of a fashion show. Although those who come to watch want a face to face moment there is still something defining and connective of having an object within your finger tips.

How To: Nothing says fall and a sense of masculinity like an awesome plaid button-up shirt. It’s the easiest staple any stylish man can have and its versatility can take you from day to night, from the woods to the city. Pair it with khakis and loafers for something handsome and simple for those indoor endeavors. For the evening, try the boldness of a red and blue plaid with a great pair of dark denim — an instant classic. For the “next morning” coffee at Intelligentsia, refine your look with a forest green plaid and a pair of charcoal trousers with a blazer.

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