Simple. Understated. Unique. These three words came to mind when I spotted this Fashionisto making his way out of New York City eatery Canyon Road — the best fajitas in town according to this Fashionisto — and by the looks of his outfit, I’d say he has good taste. Pairing a simple tee with light washed jeans, Nikes and a “mardigan” (man cardigan), this Fashionisto knows how to master simple basics while maintaining his own flare. In my opinion, the ability to incorporate a bit of you into each outfit is crucial when creating a look. By combining a sporty sneaker with a sleek cardigan, he managed to mix and match two totally different styles that truly expressed his personality. 

Name: Ben Payner

Major: Undeclared

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What are three words you would use to describe your style?

Ben Payner: I just wear what looks good.

CF: What do you think is a summer time essential for men in New York City?

Ben Payner: It gets pretty cold at night right now, so probably a long-sleeve cardigan to wear at night.

CF: What makes your take on menswear different from other city slickers?

Ben Payner: Well, I don't like being trendy; I guess my style is simple and a little sporty.

How To: It's a good and even necessary to keep up with and try out trends when it comes to your wardrobe, but If you typically follow the pack when it comes to what's “in,” add a surprise element like this Fashionisto did with his sneakers. By pairing a navy cardigan, fitted Levi's and a funky pair of Nikes you can too achieve this Fashionisto's expert fashion sense. 

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