Most of us let the relaxation of vacation transcend into our outfit choices. We choose easy and simple over true style. I saw this Fashionisto on vacation creating the perfect balance between beachy and formal. His button down, watch and dog tag made the outfit more proper, while his white shorts, sneakers and rolled-up sleeves created a complimentary laid-back feel, which is the pinnacle of the islands. Since shorts and a T-shirt can easily be seen as too casual, an open button-down maintains that informal, vacation look while making it a little more proper than something you would just throw on to go down to the beach. The neutral pattern allows the shirt to go from beachy to formal depending upon how you wear it.

Name: Benny Elzweig

Major: Advertising

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Where is each of the pieces in your outfit from?

Benny Elzweig: My T-shirt and button down are from Armani Exchange, my shorts are from Express, my sneakers are from adidas, my watch is from Kenneth Cole and my dog tag was a gift. 

CF: What is a staple item in your closet?

BE: Button downs are definitely a staple item. There is always a reason to wear something on the formal side and you can find a button down in any store where you don’t have to wear the same ones all the time. A button down always makes whatever you’re wearing nicer.

CF: How do you determine where to start an outfit?

BE: I always go by the weather. If it’s hot out, I start based on my shorts, but if it’s cold out I start with my shirts because I know that I’ll be wearing jeans no matter what.

How To: The best way to create a relaxed but well thought out look, like this Fashionisto, is to follow his lead in choosing a button down from Armani Exchange to center the look, but remember to roll-up the sleeves. Keep the look casual by pairing it with white shorts, but maintain the formality through accent pieces like a nice, black watch.

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