There are stylish people and then there are those that are just on a whole different level. This Fashionisto consistently sports the classiest, most ‘in vogue’ ensembles. It’s always a treat to see what magazine-worthy outfit this dapper fellow will put together next.

Name: Bob Just

Masters Program: College Student Personnel

Year: Grad Student

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Bob Just: When I think of my style I think of home: New England. My style changes as often as the weather does — one minute it could be raining and 30 minutes later it could be sunny skies; it just depends on the day. Some days I look at my closet and think, “what's it going to be today?” It could be an oxford and khakis kind of day with some boat-side footwear or maybe a cotton pocket tee with some fitted jeans and casual loafers. Underneath it all, my style is shamelessly inspired by companies like J.Crew and I am okay with that. They know how to put it together and I would gladly be dressed by one of their personal shoppers any day of the week.

CF: Where did the style inspiration for this particular outfit come from?

BJ: For the past five years or so, I have been rocking shorter hair with a fau-hawk. I decided at the beginning of the semester it was time for a change. So, I wondered…how would it look to rock a comb over and bring back a more regal style? Sure, why not? Having recently watched The Avengers, I felt inspired by Chris Evans and the up-do he sported. When I thought about how to put together my outfit, I felt inspired by Dead Poets Society, an epic movie that captures my New England style and my current taste for past times. And I would be remiss not to mention the countless models in my J.Crew catalogues and GQ magazines.

CF: If you could live and dress in any decade besides the current, which would you choose? Why?

BJ: This one is tough because I prefer a hybrid approach, but I think that I would live in the '50s with my man, Donald Draper.  If I could strut my style on Madison Ave., rock a fresh suit daily to work with a flashy comb over, I think I would be a pretty happy boy.

CF: Describe your perfect fall outfit.

BJ: I'm not one to admit that winter is on the horizon, so I steer away from whipping out the boots for fall and keep rockin’ some Sperry kicks.  I'll throw on a pair of argyle socks with some dark wash jeans topped with a tucked in oxford, half-zip pullover wool sweater and a tie to go with the socks. Oh, and don't forget the comb over with some Ray-Bans to show that sun who's boss.

How To: Get this regal look with a gingham button-down, a classy neutral vest, suede oxfords and a pair of Ray-Bans.

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