Menswear can often seem repetitive and boring when compared to the wild patterns and endless shapes worn by females. While the winter season allows fashionable fellows to add flare with hats, coats and scarves, hot summer days can often do quite the opposite and many Fashionistos find themselves resorting to the predictable polo and khakis we see everywhere on campus. But a true Fashionisto is always willing to brave the heat and turn a few heads in the name of fashion.

Name: Cale Bruess

Year: Junior

Major: Business

CollegeFashionista: Tell me about your outfit today.

Cale Bruess: It has been so hot out lately and since today is a bit cooler I decided to wear something more than a T-shirt and shorts. The corduroy vest is from a local thrift store.

CF: How would you describe your personal style?

CB: It is different from time to time based on my mood, but I guess I would call it earthy vintage.

CF: What is one fashion item you cannot get enough of?

CB: Clarks shoes. I always wear them no matter the season. I have five pairs.

How To: When dressing for the summer men often choose a minimalist look in order to beat the heat. But in order to keep your ensemble interesting, concentrate on materials. Instead of the traditional khaki, go for a short with a striped or ribbed material. A classic white T-shirt is never a bad idea, but always be sure to accessorize with a hat, belt and classic footwear like this Fashionisto.

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