In a recent trip to Express with a fellow Fashionisto I learned a few things about men’s fashion. I was curious as to whether Fashionistos had similar shopping strategies when it comes to hitting the racks. Do they focus on color? Are they all about design and patterns? What it comes down to is the occasion and typically they’ll buy familiar pieces in a new style. In that sense, we’re not so different when it comes to shopping. Around campus Fashionistos have been dressed in professional attire as summer draws near. For many that means landing a summer internship. I spotted Fashionisto Chris Ogino wearing a clean button-up with a pair of brown chinos and a classic messenger bag. A simple choice of brown pants rather than black pants made Ogino stand out among the walking candidates. Here’s what he had to day.

Name: Chris Ogino

Year: Senior

Major: Journalism and Film & Media Screenwriting

College Fashionista: How would you describe the outfit you’re wearing?

Chris Ogino: I like to call it “biz-cas,” short for business casual.

CF: What movie would you reference for outfit ideas?

CO: Ocean’s Eleven.

CF: What clothing store would you suggest to fellow ASU Fashionistos?

CO: Buffalo Exchange

How To: For a business casual look, begin with a classic button-up in a color that's suited best for you. Black and white is an excellent default, but going with an alternative blue or red will make you stand out. As Express suggests, "Take a clean, less is more approach to fashion-forward style with a smooth French placket and no pockets." This cotton shirt in splash blue is essential for the spring season. A pair of chambray pants in brown from American Apparel will carry out the fresh look. Add a basic leather belt, like this navy and gold design, also from American Apperal. For a messenger bag similar to Olgino's, Jack Spade has the slickest designs in leather and nylon. Slip into a pair of penny loafers like this pair of brown Anchor's and your look is complete.    

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