My JanSport lilac rolling backpack was easily the highlight of third grade. I'd like to think that I single-handedly inspired the trend many of my classmates later acquired. Twelve years later, I cringe at the sight of backpacks, rolling and strappy. Practical? Yes. Stylin'? Not so much. I think I'd rather dislocate a shoulder lugging around my overstuffed tote bags.

After spotting this Fashionisto's personalized backpack, I might have to reconsider. He himself collected and added patches to his colorful sack, making it one-of-a-kind and distinguishable from the sea of Northfaces and Patagonias. By pairing his unique accessory with jeans, a T-shirt and an equally colorful pair of Converse, this Fashionisto keeps it practical and stylish. (Yes, it can be done.)

Name: Clement Sin

Major: Finance

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What does style mean to you?

Clement Sin: I would say that style to me is like what a license plate is to a car. It is a major part of each person's identification, and it contributes immensely to your personality and how others see you. How I dress represents the way I wish to communicate with my surroundings and others.

CF: What is your favorite article of clothing?

CS: My favorite article of clothing are my Diesel “I'm Pression” limited edition high tops.

CF: How does living in a metropolitan city influence your style?

CS: Having lived in D.C., Hong Kong and Boston has hugely influenced my style. The trend in Hong Kong is a cross-over between European metrosexual and Japanese futuristic styles. In the US, I have identified myself with more of an urban look. With that said, I'd say that my style is a melting pot of a little bit of fashion from many cultures.

How To: To craft a look similar to this Fashionisto's, treat the backpack as the focus of the outfit. If you don't want to patchwork your own, look for a bright backpack that reflects your style. Invest in a trusty JanSport or rucksack. (For Fashionistas, Marc by Marc Jacobs also makes fabulously colorful packs.) In order to accentuate the backpack, pair it with simple, comfortable closet staples, like jeans and a T-shirt. Rucksack, school bag, knapsack, book bag — whatever you call it, the backpack is the perfect accessory for any Fashionisto/a. Who knows, I may even be spotted with one!

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