The leaves are changing colors and students all across campus have pulled out their neutral hues. I spotted this week's Fashionisto walking across Main Quad en route to class. Desmond Scott, running back for Duke University's football team, managed to take extra time and consideration with his outfit today. The typical student-athlete is known for wearing the Duke-issued sports gear: sweatpants, shorts and sweatshirts. However, this week’s Fashionisto made sure to put together an ensemble that was particularly dapper and fitting for the beautiful fall weather.


Name: Desmond Scott

Major: History

Year: Junior


CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing today?


Desmond Scott: I have on a pair of brown Aldo shoes, light brown pants and a gold pin-striped dress shirt from Jos. A Bank. I’m wearing a Citizen’s watch, gold and silver cufflinks and paisley bow tie.


CF: What inspired your outfit?


DS: The inspiration of today's outfit was the simple fact that i wanted to look nice. Most of my peers find it hard to wake up early and put on a nice outfit, but it’s a must.


CF: What are your favorite items to wear in the fall?


DS: I love wearing sweaters during the fall season whenever I can get the chance.


CF: Do you find it difficult to dress fashionably as a student-athlete?


DS: Yes, it is very hard to wear nice clothing on a regular basis because I have to wake up so early for practice. In spite of this, I occasionally will go the extra mile to make sure I look good.


How To: This week’s Fashionisto wore a very debonair ensemble, featuring an attention-grabbing bow-tie and cuff-links. Listen up guys, here are a few things you want to focus on to get this week's look. Try a slim-fitting pant, like these Hawkings McGill Stretch Skinny Chino in taupe from Urban Outfitters. The slim fit chino is the new jean for guys. These pants provide a great opportunity for guys to add some variety to their everyday wardrobe. You can also find a great vest on the Urban Outfitters site, ike this Hawkings McGill Kennedy Tweed Vest in grey. As for bow ties and cufflinks, spend a little money and head over to the Rugby by Ralph Lauren website. They have an array of different bow-ties and cufflinks, including this burgundy and green skull striped bow tie or these quirky moustache cuff links. One thing this week's Fashionisto has taught me is that it's not difficult to find trendy, fashionable clothing for today's modern guy!

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