Is it ironic that the term “hipster” has become anything than “hip?” Is that what they were going for? Those crafty hipsters, always one step ahead…or rather seated behind their computers playing “Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?” while simultaneously refreshing their Instagram feed.

Is it ironic that I am currently seated behind my own computer wearing a flannel and Supergas while chastising those who do the same? Possibly, but you see, today I am merely a remnant of what I once was.

Embarrassingly enough, Urban Outfitters was my 11th grade haven. A place where a Brand New-listening-to-gal could frolic to after catholic school. A place where it didn’t matter if I was still in my awkward phase—I could embrace the awkward and spin it to seem like I was the star of an indie coming-of-age tale. A place where I’d go to laugh at mundane, yet hilarious wannabe-novellas beside the bearded 25-year-old salesmen. Those were the desperate days.

Disclaimer: Fashionisto Dylan Vaughan is not a hipster. He’s an eccentric.

Name: Dylan Vaughan

Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Dylan Vaughan: I try to draw from the best aspects of ‘90s, punk and prep. My look evolves and devolves day-to-day depending on the mood I find myself in. Sometimes I’m like, “[Forget] it, I’m going to wear a basic white tee, black pants and a black zip-up.” Those days I’m pretty lazy.

CF: What’s the key to your look?

DV: Layers on layers on layers. Winter is coming (that’s a Game of Thrones reference—BLAMO!) But seriously, my style thrives in the winter because it means sweaters, flannels, coats, pants and long crazy socks. Being from Chicago, one learns to layer up. I often find myself wearing a coat, a sweater and a flannel all at the same time.

CF: What are your favorite stores to shop at?

DV: Topman, Buffalo Exchange—really any thrift store—and Gap, on occasion. I try to steer away from stores that mass produce clothes.

CF: Any thrifting tips?

DV: See Macklemore’s new song “Thrift Shop.” You can learn a lot from that man… When thrifting, I find one can be more adventurous with their style because everything’s so cheap. In other words, you should buy the more ridiculous items you see. You probably won’t regret it.

How To: To get this “I swear I’m not an All-American hipster-next-door” look, button up a nice roughed-up industrial flannel all the way. Throw on your favorite pair of dark wash skinnies, your wool socks and your ripped sole Vans. If possible, wear an ironic red-white-and-blue ‘80s tennis windbreaker. Viola.

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