Nothing says Miami more than a white button up paired with some white kicks to match. When you think of this look what do you immediately picture? I’ll give you a hint: dum-dum-dum-dum-dum … You got it — an ocean front wedding. However, this Fashionisto has taken this beachy, special occasion style and turned it into an everyday outfit. He is keeping the peace (pun intended) by not overdoing or underdoing the look (which can, unfortunately, be done with one over graphic tee or too-flashy accessory).

Name: Eric Rivera

Major: Public Relations

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What inspires you to wake up in the morning and put together an outfit like this one?

Eric Rivera: It would definitely have to be my schedule for that day. Today I’m on campus for 12 hours and I have plans after my last class. So I went for something I will be comfortable in all day and even brought jeans to throw on before I go out since it cools down at night.

CF: What piece of clothing and/or accessory do you think gives fellow Fashionistos an effortless, trendy look?

ER: I think a watch is a definite must-have. They are not only great investment pieces but they go with any outfit.

CF: If you could choose anything at all to add to your wardrobe this spring, what would it be?

ER: I’d go for a Givenchy “Bird of Paradise” printed shirt.

CF: Who was your favorite trendsetter of 2011?

ER: Brad Goreski. His color block ensemble at men’s fashion week in Milan was unreal.

How To: Eric isn’t afraid to embrace his inner trendsetter by converting a simple look into something so simply chic. To duplicate this look, Fashionisto/as can choose any color tee but white, and if going graphic be sure to keep it simple (like Eric’s peace sign). Ladies can go with this Lauren Moshi Tee from Bloomingdales while guys can rock a shirt like this Glamour Kills one from Urban Outfitters. A white button up is an absolute must basic item that everyone should already have hanging in his/her closet but if not, you can pick one up basically anywhere. Pair this combo with white slip on shoes — for example: white Champion Canvas Slip On Keds. The integration of these pieces will create a look that is so versatile it can go with jeans, pants and shorts — even skirts. Eric is clearly ready for warm weather with this modern beachy look… are you?

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