What a crazy winter it has been! The snow has melted and Chicago has already seen temperatures in the '50s and '60s, so it just keeps getting easier for me to spot stylish Columbia students and be able to have a conversation with them in this beautiful weather. This week, it's the guy's turn, with this Fashionisto sporting his favorite, adorable sweater.

As a dog lover, I instantly was attracted to his sweater and loved how he incorporated it with his outfit. With a blue collared shirt underneath, black jeans, brown shoes and the black shades, this Fashionisto is definitely too cool for school. This ensemble is a good example of how to be bold with different patterns or prints on garments, as well as being able to pull it off and make it look extremely classy, especially with that pea coat. The number one thing I love about the students here at Columbia is that they are never afraid to make bold moves within their fashion. It is so infectious that now every student is able to express themselves in what ever way they want.

Name: Garrett Demko

Major: Art History

Year: Sophomore

College Fashionista: Where did you get that sweater?!

Garrett Demko: Urban Outfitters; I am there every two months.

CF: As an Art History major, what in that field inspires you the most?

GD: What inspires me most is the visual subject matter of a piece. I believe that visual aesthetic can go a long way. It doesn't have to be kitsch like a French bull dog, even simple stripes can make the biggest impact.

CF: How would you describe your personal style?

GD: I would describe my personal style as dressing like a grandfather. I love cardigans! I also am a big fan of simple bold faced watches. I love simple.

CF: What is your favorite staple item in your closet you think every Fashionisto should have?

GD: Hands down a members only jacket. My grandfather wore them all the time. They remind me of a very classic feel. My grandfather passed away a couple years ago and he left all his jackets for me. I was so fortunate for the keepsakes.

CF: What is your favorite season when it comes to fashion and what you wear?

GD: My favorite season for fashion is winter. I LOVE my sweaters.

How To: Learn how to show off some of your favorite staple items, like Garrett's French bull dog sweater and members only jacket. Especially with the winter winds, try out  his “grandfather” style by wearing sweaters, sweaters and sweaters!

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