This Fashionisto possesses a distinct poise that I could not dare pass by. I appreciate his keen sense of detail; it is shown through his neatly cuffed jeans, laced sleek boots, rigidly framed glasses and highly structured peacoat. It never ceases to amaze me how a rather simplistic peacoat has the capacity to make such a loud statement. It holds the authority to be worn independently, as Halden displays, with no need for major accessories. The coat’s versatility allows for casual or elegant attire. This Fashionisto displays the ease of timeless winter wear and, with his eye for detail, he creates quite the sophisticated composition.

Name: Halden Hoodenpyl

Major: Cinema Studies

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What evokes your stylistic fervor?

Halden Hoodenpyl: In studying cinema, I am stylistically influenced by legendary actors and significant cinematic movements.

CF: Which time period do you most resonate with?

HH: I would have to say the '50s.

CF: What key figures spark your fashion creativity?

HH: I am drawn to the essence of James Dean, Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick.

CF: What is your current winter wear obsession?

HH: I am looking forward to getting more use out of my wool coat.

How To: To recreate this clean cut look, find a sturdy peacoat that can holds its own. Attempt to emulate Burberry’s current cotton peacoat but on a college budget. Grab hold of this season’s slim-fitting jean, and for a nice touch incorporate a cuff. To imitate his boot, Clarks produces a generic yet classic make. Finish off the look with your own personal touch by incorporating a tailored watch, an argyle or patterned scarf or a functional over the shoulder day pack as he displays.

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