It is not often you will see a man wearing skinny jeans the right way. They are either too tight, too low or just not right. Because of the relationship between skinny jeans and the emo music scene, I have noticed guys shying away from this style over the past few years. I think it is really such a shame because if worn right, skinny jeans are an easy way to be fashionable. When I saw this Fashionisto wearing these pants in the most perfect way, I knew I had to ask him about his outfit.

There is an art about layering different colors and fabrics that is really pleasing to the eye and subtly screams “stylish” while adequately moving away from a look at me attitude. Not only does this Fashionisto have the skinny jean look down to a T, but he is also extremely dapper with his coat and scarf, topping it all off with Ray-Bans and a warm latte. A fellow photographer, he was not afraid of the camera nor did he hesitate to strike up a conversation with me which was simply delightful.

Name: Ian Macleod

Major: Photojournalism, Architecture Studies Minor

Year: Senior

​CollegeFashionista: How do you choose what to wear every day?

​Ian Macleod: When it comes to day-to-day, I don't put much thought into dressing myself. I'm lazy and like to sleep in. Instead, I tend to be exceptionally picky when buying clothes so I just have to throw on whatever is clean. Of course, there are days when that ends up being ratty Chucks and a band shirt.

​CF: Who or what inspires your style?

IM: Like a lot of people, music, at least indirectly, inspires me. I was big on '50s/early '60s ska and British pop in high school (and still am), so I took a fondness to the early mod style that went with it. Slim ties, check patterns, dark jeans, all that jazz (and soul). The casual of the era was a lot more cleaned up. Similarly, my favorite modernist architects of the ear, like Saarinen and Nelson, reflected their design philosophy in the clean, minimalist way they dressed.

​CF: What are places you get good college-friendly fashion?

​IM: I tend to default on H&M for a number of reasons. First, I think dressing well is all about fit, because if it fits, it not only looks good, but feels good: the style/comfort dichotomy doesn't make any sense. And they're one of the few places that sells 28×34″ pants. Second, their cost to quality ratio is quite good for a chain; they're like the IKEA of clothing. I also have a few made to measure pieces from Indochino. I'd like to frequent independent stores more, but ones with good men's selections are hard to come b​y.

CF: Do you prefer to be over or underdressed? Why?

IM: Well. I'd like to think I am neither, but merely “dressed.” But considering most occasions I wear ties are neither formal nor work-related, I guess that puts me on the “overdressed” side of things. Can't make me give up my Vietnam surplus jacket, though. I like being officially “the guy in the suit” at parties.

How To: If want to be as dashing as Ian, I would suggest starting with a comfortable pair of skinny jeans and a cardigan. Add a military jacket — light or thick — and a cashmere scarf to stay warm. Slip on a comfy pair of lace-up canvases and your Ray-Bans. And don't forget that latte!

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