While most guys on campus are donning the tried-and-true black Denali jacket from The North Face, this week’s Fashionisto shows that a little individuality goes a long way.

Isaac caught my attention with his vibrant Kelly green snowboarding coat that stands apart from the crowd. Neon colors are big right now and I’m glad to see Ohio State Fashionistas/os already incorporating the hues into their winter wardrobes. Besides, who doesn’t love a pop of color to brighten the day?

Brands like Vans, Quicksilver and Urban Outfitters are making it easy for males to rock the effortless skater and snowboarder vibe. Boxy coats in bright colors, V-necks, slim denim, canvas sneakers and beanies are essentials for any man wanting to sport this laid-back style. Isaac’s straightforward approach to fashion demonstrates you don’t have to look to peers for inspiration, just rely on your own sense of style.

Name: Isaac Santel

Major: Turfgrass Science

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What are some of your winter weather essentials?

Isaac Santel: I love my snowboarding coat, it keeps me warm. And my beanie.

CF: What are your favorite brands?

IS: It depends. Pretty much anything from Urban Outfitters, BDG and Salt Valley.

CF: Do you follow fashion trends set by any celebrities or athletes?

IS: Not particularly.

How To: Isaac’s coat is the focal point of this ensemble, so a quality brand is important. To balance the boxy silhouette, pair the coat with slim dark-wash denim to allow the vibrant color to shine. Basic canvas sneakers are a great way to incorporate a little more color, like Isaac did here with his purple Vans. He finishes off his look with one of his favorite winter essentials — the beanie. Whether you’re hitting the slopes or the books, tasteful style will always earn you the gold.

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