Winter is definitely a time when neutral colors dominate our wardrobes. Blacks, grays and browns seem to have total control of our attire until spring arrives to bring a little more color back into our lives. However, today’s Fashionisto proves that you can still have fun with neutral colors, as long as you’re playing with the right accessories. For example, this Fashionisto’s plaid brown fur trapper hat is still neutral enough to complement the rest of his outfit, but the unexpected pattern makes this accessory fun and stand out. Today’s example proves that neutrals don’t have to be boring, especially with a bold pattern in a key accessory.

Name: Ivan Francisco

Year: First Year Graduate at Dominican College

Major: Occupational Therapy

CollegeFashionista: What’s your essential winter accessory?

Ivan Francisco: My hat – I get a lot of compliments on it, and it keeps me really warm. I give it an A+ for its function and fashion.

CF: What’s your favorite trend this season?

IF: Anything with a rugged feel.

CF: And what’s your favorite store right now?

IF: H&M – they have a lot of cool things for everyone.

How To: For a similar look, the “Check Borg Trapper Hat” from Topshop is perfect for Fashionistas – the pattern is neutral, but the pompom detail adds more fun to this accessory. For Fashionistos, the “Heritage Winter Hat” from Abercrombie is an easy, casual way to stay warm and add more a bit more color to your attire. So don't let winter force you into staying in neutral – have more fun with your winter wardrobe by playing with your favorite patterns.

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