An eagle eye is required for finding a Fashionisto given the versatility of men’s fashion in Flagstaff. When browsing the streets an onlooker can spot men in anything from a banana suit to red fur pants, to snowboarding gear or even a suit and tie. Given this variety, I was faced with a difficult task in selecting which male fashion style to highlight. I ultimately searched for a man who showed off a casual yet sensible look that can easily be duplicated. With a keen eye I spotted this Fashionisto walking to his car post having lunch downtown. I had to pay tribute to his picture perfect day-to-night look that was simple and flattering as well as multipurpose and functional; ironically, also exactly how this Fashionisto describes his sense of style. Dressed in medium-washed denim and brown work boots, a white collared shirt under a brown V-neck sweater, orange toned plaid scarf with black and brown karma beads on his wrist, this Fashionisto proves that style and sensibility go hand-in-hand. Now check out this Fashionisto’s insight on fashion and practicality, as well as a simple tutorial on how to recreate his look.

Name: Jake Simon

Major: Forestry

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What inspires your day-to-day look?

Jake Simon: I like to dress fashionable, yet functional. Meaning I like to dress nice while still being able to do the things I like such as hike, camp, bike ride or work at a moment’s notice.

CF: How would you describe your style in one word?

JS: Practical.

CF: Where are your favorite places to shop?

JS: I like to shop at Goodwill or sporting boutiques like Mountain Sports and Peace Surplus in downtown Flagstaff. Goodwill always has name brands at low prices, so I tend to do my budget shopping there and splurge on a fleece or hiking boots at Mountain Sports and Peace Surplus.

CF: What is your favorite article of clothing?

JS: Aside from my brown work boots, my favorite article of clothing is my party suit. I have an old black suit coat with the arms cut off that I wear a lot of time when I go out. It’s kind of an inside joke with my friends, but I like it because it’s a play on my fashion sense and gives off the impression that ‘I like to party.’

How To: Recreating this Fashionisto’s fashionable yet functional look is very simple. Start with a pair of medium washed, straight leg denim similar to this style from Levi’s. Next, grab a white collared button-up shirt and top it off with a brown V-neck sweater. Finish this look off with some accessories like a woven, autumn toned scarf as well as brown work boots and karma beads available at local sport or thrift stores. If you’re out of luck, try a karma bead inspired beaded bracelet from Urban Outfitters and you’ll be rocking the perfect trendy, yet practical look.

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