An outfit is an outward expression of an individual’s personality and attitude. Before meeting Fashionisto Jamaal Knight, it was obvious through his style that he was full of life. While Knight says he turns to others for ideas on outfits, it’s likely his colleagues are staring right back at him. This week’s Fashionisto had plenty to share about his personal style and advice, so take note.

Name: Jamaal Knight

Year: Junior

Major: Art History

College Fashionista: Describe to me your daily wardrobe.

Jamaal Knight: I try to play it up a little bit. One day I might be wearing a cardigan, the next a leather jacket. I play it based on what the weather is like and how I feel. Most of the time I’m normally wearing jeans- white jeans, dark jeans, ripped jeans. I find them very versatile.

CF: How do you accessorize?

JK: I tend to accessorize outfits first by what matches well with my outfit. Then I’ll add an interesting piece. A lot of things I’ll make myself (points to bracelet and necklace). Sometimes I’ll wear a bracelet with a lot of beads on it, other times I’ll wear something simple. I find that if I’m wearing an outfit that’s “kablam!” then I won’t put too many accessories with it. I’ve been trying to do this thing where I’ll match a bracelet with all my outfits. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but it’s fun to figure out which things go together.

CF: Does dressing a certain way for class have any effect on your performance?

JK: I think when you dress up for school you’re more focused in class. I know for me, I’m not worried about what others think of my outfit. If I think I look okay then that’s all that matters. You just feel good throughout the day! Even days when I don’t feel my best I still try to make myself look good. It makes me feel better.

How To: One of the first things I noticed about Knight’s outfit was his navy cardigan – simple but the perfect layer over a plain tee. Try a solid oatmeal colored cardigan from American Eagle Outfitters. Jeans are a must in Knight’s outfit. Crazy about the white pair he’s rocking? Check out H&M's Style Guide: Street Sport Smart for a similar pair. Our Fashionisto’s accessories were made from pieces purchased at Michael’s. Follow in Knight’s steps and finish off your look with handmade earrings, a necklace, or a bracelet.

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