The iconic Hampton style is not limited to those of the West; Southeast countries dabble in this laid back but clean cut style as well. Vintage meets preppy is shown in this simply stylish outfit of this week’s Fashionisto. Javi took a simple white polo and tucked it into a straight cut pair of jeans. He then topped this with a knotted yellow sweater and matching accessories — chocolate colored belt, gold watch and a pair of brown leather shoes. Tucking in the polo, folding the sleeves and tying a sweater across the shoulders allow casual pieces to give off this clean cut look. As a whole, the outfit is simply chic and is a mark of a high class gentleman. I can picture this week’s Fashionisto in a country club or in a polo match. It is refreshing to come across a young man who takes adult style and adds a youthful spin to it. Take it from this week’s Fashionisto, take those casual pieces and prep them to complete a clean cut ensemble.

Name: Javi Campos

Year: Sophomore

Major: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

CollegeFashionista: What inspired your outfit?

Javi Campos: I want to look decent and proper.

CF: How would you describe your personal style?

JC: Old school American prep.

CF: Where do you love to shop?

JC: Ralph Lauren, Gap, Fred Perry and Faccionabe

How To: To come up with this Hampton style, it’s all in the styling and those little details — folding sleeves, tucking in shirts or draping a sweater over your shoulders. This white crisp cotton polo shirt from American Apparel is a must because it is the most basic type of polo. You don’t have to stick to plain colored polo shirts, go for interesting textures as well. This gray polo shirt from ASOS is an interesting piece. As for the draped sweater, this bright blue sweater or this lime green wool sweater from will surely add a playful touch to any ensemble. I recommend this symmetric print sweater from because it exudes an aura of seriousness and playfullness at the same time.

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