Here in Boston, Fashionistas/os tend to mix different styles to create their own unique style aesthetics. This Fashionisto puts an urban, whimsical spin on New England prep. Check out some of his personal style tips and how he keeps a classic look interesting and fun. 

Name: Jay Schwartz

Major: Journalism and Psychology 

Year: Sophomore 

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style? 

Jay Schwartz: I like to say my style is clever classic. I base my wardrobe around conservative staples like button-down plaids and sweaters, but I try to spice up my look by modernizing the overdressed prep-school paradigm. I guess I want people to see my outfit and think, “Wow, he’s overdressed, but not uptight!”

CF: What is one item in your wardrobe that you could never live without?

JS: I could not live without my button-down plaid shirts! It’d be more interesting to say I couldn’t live without my bow ties or my combat boots, but honestly my closet is stuffed with over 20 different plaid button-down shirts. Each pattern has its own set of ties and sweaters to go with.  I just wouldn’t be Jay without my gingham shirts. 

CF: Who do you look to for style inspiration? 

JS: Mr. Rogers. No, but actually I’d have to say Brad Goreski motivates me every morning to put on clothes. Sometimes when looking in the mirror I think I can hear the ghost of Coco Chanel whispering to me to take one item off, but Brad Goreski is definitely the inspiration that gives me the courage to wearing increasingly large bow ties and clashing patterns. The way I see it, you’re never wearing too much as long as you’re wearing it right. 

CF: Describe your go-to outfit for a winter day in Boston. 

JS: I grew up in Florida so Boston’s winters are pretty rough on me. The problem with men’s winter coats is they rarely have an attractive shape. I hate those coats that make guys look like the Michelin Man. Winter to me means muted colors and heavier sweaters, but if there’s snow I’ll probably add a peacoat to the mix.  

How To: To get this Fashionisto’s look mix a checkered print and stripes. Try this mini gingham check button-down by Rugby under a J.Crew merino wool sweater. This Fashionisto has a collection of bow ties. The one that he is wearing belonged to his grandfather during the '20s. Try this charcoal flannel bow tie to play on texture. Tuck your skinny blue jeans into a pair of Doc Martens or any combat boot of the like for an urban twist. Add a timeless touch with a watch on your wrist. 

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